Engineer/Gym rat!

Apart from the traveling and the constant learning that I have to deal with, my job involves doing a lot of physically challenging tasks. I still do get time to go to the gym, 5 days a week, for an hour and that has helped a lot in letting my mind catch up with my body. Well these photos are about 5 years a part, and I think the only difference is in mass !

2017-03-05 20.47.01.jpg


If you are an American and you think your information is secure, think again. has compromised everyone by not only publishing everyones dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, but it has gone ahead and linked everyone to everyone they ever came across, I urge all of you to go online and petition that they delete this ASAP. Everyone now is a victim without discrimination.

Mirror Cube

Mirror cube is another form of Rubik cube that uses different sizes instead of faces; It is simple to solve if you can wrap your head around the intimidating looking shapes. Lets see what you can do with it; hint equate faces to colors in the normal Rubik cube! Subscribe if want to learn more to the youtube channel at

When you hear the beats of ‘Isukuti’ the African drum, no matter where you are you get in tune with nature. Africa is truly the heart of the universe, and I am glad this girl had the chance and the resources to share what her age mates in Africa would like the world to know; not the political turmoil’s, nor the ‘hunger’, nor the corruption. All the above are vices that do not define Africa, and have been used by the neo-colonialists to line their pockets at the expense of making this beautiful motherland the true gem that it is!

Read it for yourself.


Rubiks Corner

Have you ever tried to expand your mind? tried to challenge it to think outside the box? if yes, then you will find it fun to try work out a Rubik cube without the complex formulas. If your answer is no, then you are missing out. Check the video below and try emulate me.


One Arm Push up

There are many ways to have fun, and if Rubik is not your thing try working out and still you will find me in the gym, and I might teach you one or two things as below! I am not ruling out being taught by you, I am always open to ideas.

Baby Girl Tastes Lemon!

She cried to have a taste of my lemon, but I doubt she liked it at all!



To edit the DV lottery photo to meet all the requirements is a bit tricky if you are doing it for the first time. Microsoft photo editor is the best for this task since it offers free and accurate tools for re-shapping, cropping, re-sizing, and making sure both the 600X600 and the 70/30% rules are met. You can then test it at the photo test tools here: Test photo and then continue the application at DV lottery application.