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Germany Church Mission; Thursday

This was the climax of our missionary work here. We staated by having a morning devotion before going to Lindlah, about 60km out of Cologne to have fellowship with a christian church. We reached the town around half past two, which gave us enough time to be tourists, we visited the local catholic church which was built about 800 years ago and was now under renovations. We were taken around the town, by our hosts Paul and Hs friend, before driving to their home for tea and fellwoship. It was a nice family who fear God and whose young children had had an opportunity to visit kenya. it was the first place we found youg people with  a passion for God, it was such a big blessing for us to sit and just gave them our testimany.

For the second phase of our mission, we had to attend two home groups (lifegroups) simultaneously, one in Lindlah and the other in cologne so we had to split into two. Jacob, Rachael and I travelled back to cologne to visit with a group called the navigators in Cologne. We had a very nice tiem teaching them about mizizi and how to keep guys in church. Most of the navigators have no church to attend and so only depend on home group for their spiritual nourishment. We met about fifteen young men who have a heart for God and were willing to listen to us and ask questions. we were so humbled to be in their presence and just share God together.

We had the fellowship till about  11pm, when we took a train back to Rachael’s place. C

learly we sa the hand of God with us today as it has been for the rest of the days. i will leave it to the other guys, who remained in Lindlah, to the tell story their own way.


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Wow, i cant  even begin to explain the way God checked in today. We had a powerful morning devotion and we were in spirit when we took a prayer walk through the city of cologne and claiming the land to God.

We were graced by thee presence of Lydia Olaka, our Mavuno missionary to Berlin and the leader among the initiators of this mission. we had a blast being with her, especially having flown in from Berlin just to be with us.

In the evening we visited a neighborhood church to speak to the church members about our walk with God and about mizizi. we had a nice time singing kiswahili songs to the Germans and giving them our testimonies. we had blessed brother called Francis, who is doing his masters in automation engineering here, he checked in at the right time and was our choir master.

Our host was Mr Siegfried and was wonderful, our devotion went on to about 10 pm. Our sister and host here, Rachael Holota, has just been a blessing to us. We eat like kings and she has just given us priority in her life, she has two wonderful children, Myles and Soraya, who are her with us. This has been a blessing and wonderful day just to be with God and see Him check in at the eleventh hour and did His thing. Language barrier notwithstanding, we saw love and hope in the eyes and spirit of those who were there with us. Thank you God

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Today we visited the Wiedenest Bible School, where we were amazed at the level of servant leadership. the principals of the school gave us their whole time, took us around, gave us the history of the place and not only sat down to have lunch with us but they served us lunch. The principals, led by Mr Host and our wonderful guide Mr Seigfreid, showed us around giving us the history of the place since the early 1900’s. we were amazed at their humility and love for their staff that can only be seen in this country and we learnt our lessons.

we had lunch with the principals led by Dr Gerrd Goldman, he sat with us and heard our stories on how we have been able to sustain our spiritual fire through the years before telling us his story too. we enjoyed our stay there before heading abck to Cologne after authographing a mizizi book for the school. earlier we had coffe and a time of prayers for the institution for god to use it as an incubator for the coming christian revolutipn in the country.

the journey back was amazing as we got the chance, once again, to marvel at the level of technologies in terms of the highway and facilities including daily maintanaces and discipline among the drivers. Mr Siergfried was humble enough to drivw ua home, so was our compatriot, Caroline who volunteerd to take half of us there and back. it was an eye-openner that servant leadership still exist.

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We started by having morning devotion, very early in the morning, and prepared for our Tuesday visit to Wiedenest Bible school by practising songs and dances. In the afternoon we had a prayer walk through the city of Cologne, visiting monumental places like the dome and clainming back to God, the dome is a catholic cathedral whose building was started 750 years ago but is still underconstruction. Stories and stories exist including one mayor or is it priest who sold his soul to the devil in the course of  the construction, and the devil collected his soul prematually hence one tower is shorter than the other.

We prayed over the dome and dedicated it to God, since people here have so much idolized it to the extend of ‘lighting’ candles to it when they have problems instead of praying to God. We also visited the Rathaus, the registry, which is the seat of government registration in cologne. Being such a powerful place, marriages and births are registered and the devil has made it a strong hold for wrecking marriages so we prayed for God to prevail over the place. It was nice day of walking and praying despite the cold weather, it was extremely cold and drizzling but we saw God in our walk. we were able to vist Cologne christmass market and had a chance preach to the whole country through a tv interview given to Jacob by chance.

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we visited two churches starting with the neighborhood church, which is mostly made up of old men and women. it was an eye-opening experience since we had to assume that the priest was speaking in tongues given that the whole sermon was in Germany. it’s an evangelic church in cologne and unfortunately the only young men who attended the service ( less than 10) came for their confirmation classes. it was the sunday of the year where the church remembers those who passed on during the year and the priest took time reading their names. the sermon kept being interwoven with soft melodies played by a lady pianist. the church service takes approximately 1 hour but i was so much impressed by the time keeping by the Germans irrespective of their age.

in the afternoon we visited an english service church, International Baptist Church, where every aspect of service was in english. we had a good time meeting Africans who are members of the congregation and many of them being Kenyans. after the service we had an opportunity of sharing in coffee and some of the best cakes made in Germany.

later on in the evening we got a chance to share with some Kenyans in ministry in cologne, teaching them about mizizi and how to facilitate mizizi. we had a time of prayer where we were led by the spirit to pray for the missionaries and we annointed them to stand in the gap for this country.

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Message from Cologne

we arrived in Cologne after 13 hours of leaving nairobi. we had a four hour flight from Nairobi to Cairo, where we had a one hour connection before haeding to Fankfurt where we connected through a 3 hour train ride to Cologne. God has shown us alot of favour. Before i start talking about the beauty of the mountains of Greece to the beauty of river Nile to the winter in Cologne, lemme give you our programme. Today, 21, we spent our day meeting with Kenyans in Cologne, giving them insights into mizizi. we had a very nice time talking to them and teaching them plus answering their questions about mizizi.
Tomorrow, 22nd, we are going to attend two churches, one in the morning and another in the afternoon i will not give yoou names now because they are in German and the best i can say is they are tongue twisters. Monday we will be taking a prayer walk through the city in the afternoon and on Tuesday we will visit a bible school in the morning before we take another prayer walk in Cologne. Wednesday we will be visiting a life group fellowship after another prayer walk in the morning leading uup to Thursday where we will be sharing in church, sing, fellowship, pray and just have fun. Friday we are going to spend most of our time in the church teaching them about mizizi form 3pm to around 9 pm before we board the palne on saturday afternoon headed back to Nairobi.

Am so much excited that i will leave you  enjoy our photo journalism inspired from heaven before i give you the details of what God has done and what wonderfull host we have plus all the prophecies being made. We need prayers for Javan who has been taken down by cold.

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