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Super Hobby!

Once a while in the weekends, I go out to let off the steam; this is what I do. Follow this link to see what it can do: big toy20160521_143927.jpg20160521_143935.jpg20160521_143925.jpg


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Bunduki kubwa (Big guns)

Once in a while, we take the weekend to literally project our energy! check it out on big guns

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Baby’s day out

Today I took my baby to see a horse, and I was quite surprised at how ‘at ease’ she was with the horse. Have a look at it.20160924_122745.jpg20160924_122836.jpg20160924_122133.jpg

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5 year Student/visitor visa extension and benefits.

Late last year, the Kenyan government, jointly with the US government mutually increased students and visitors visa to each others citizens. It comes with a lot of benefits that most people are not aware of. If you have plans to travel to and from any of the two countries, then here are some benefits that comes with development, some somethings that you need to know before you apply, and how to apply. Check it out at Visa Extension.

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There are a few mistakes that most applicants make, that could prove costly or even impossible to recover from after the results are out. These mistakes could be easily avoided during the application stage. The most common that I have experienced, and tried to help the applicants to navigate through are:

Errors in names/names not matching with birth certificate

Most applicants do not pay attention to the spelling of their names, or use name that are not in their birth certificate. The challenge with this, is they will be forced to amend their birth certificate to reflect the new name/spelling, or have to get a new passport if they had one already. Pay attention to the spelling and make sure your names are as they are in the birth certificate/passport.

Misrepresentation of marital status during application

It is easier to apply for diversity visa (green card) as a single person, but it is a trap that most married (both officially and otherwise) people fall into. If you are selected, then it will be hard to explain how you have a marriage date that is older than your application date, or it will be very hard to try and add children who were not in your original application. It takes time to apply for all your family members, but it will make your life easier later on.

Using agents to apply

Using an agency to apply on your behalf, will save you the hustle of knowing and preparing  your own documents, but it is not as cheap as you think. First it looks cheap since you will only pay a small fee to have them apply for you, but they will use their email to apply and keep your confirmation number. If you get selected then they can hold your application as ransom for more money, or keep it to make sure you do the resultant paper work through them, which will be extremely expensive and unnecessary. I suggest that you do your own application and learn or use a friend you can trust.

Los of login credentials/losing confirmation number

Most applicants forget to save their confirmation number after they apply, which means when the time to log back in and check the results, they will have a hard time getting it. The other challenge is if you let someone apply for you, and they do not give you the confirmation number or loses it themselves. To counter this, make sure you get the application number and save it, or get the person who applied on your behalf to send you the confirmation number.

Failure to check results/submit follow on documentation

Most applicants do not keep track of when the results are released, which leaves them out of the resultant documentation and processes, and will be too late for them when they realize their oversight. Make sure you check the results to make sure you won or not. Getting selected is not the end of the process, but the beginning of a long (almost a year depending on your case number) correspondence and waiting period. After being selected, make sure you know your case number, and ask around or check form previous years’ process when your predicted case number will be ready for an interview. The details of the paper work and process that needs to happen after selection, will be discussed next.

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What is a Green Card?

The USA green card grants one a permanent residency status, which is the right to work and enjoy other benefits in the USA except voting or holding political offices. There are a few ways one can get a green card, but the most famous ones are: dvlotteryfamily based (marriage/parents/sibling/adoption), work, refugee status. Needless to say, most people prefer the dvlottery means of obtaining the green card, since it has the easiest and cheapest process, even though it is based on chances (lottery).

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USA Diversity Visa (Green Card)

Many people have been asking me for advise on how to go about navigating the complex US visa system. I am not a lawyer, but I have navigated through them a couple of times, which gives me the advantage of understanding it and explaining it in layman’s language. Well lets start with the one that interests most people, and that which is about to open applications for the year 2018; Diversity Visa (Green Card)! To start us off, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the free State’s department application link  here :Dv lottery. It is not yet open for applications, but come October 1 2016, it will be open. I will putting up a list of all the requirements for applications, and all the necessary editing you need, plus all the do’s and the dont’s; now I will be responding to all those questions you have, so write them here.

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