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Germany Church Mission; Thursday

This was the climax of our missionary work here. We staated by having a morning devotion before going to Lindlah, about 60km out of Cologne to have fellowship with a christian church. We reached the town around half past two, which gave us enough time to be tourists, we visited the local catholic church which was built about 800 years ago and was now under renovations. We were taken around the town, by our hosts Paul and Hs friend, before driving to their home for tea and fellwoship. It was a nice family who fear God and whose young children had had an opportunity to visit kenya. it was the first place we found youg people with  a passion for God, it was such a big blessing for us to sit and just gave them our testimany.

For the second phase of our mission, we had to attend two home groups (lifegroups) simultaneously, one in Lindlah and the other in cologne so we had to split into two. Jacob, Rachael and I travelled back to cologne to visit with a group called the navigators in Cologne. We had a very nice tiem teaching them about mizizi and how to keep guys in church. Most of the navigators have no church to attend and so only depend on home group for their spiritual nourishment. We met about fifteen young men who have a heart for God and were willing to listen to us and ask questions. we were so humbled to be in their presence and just share God together.

We had the fellowship till about  11pm, when we took a train back to Rachael’s place. C

learly we sa the hand of God with us today as it has been for the rest of the days. i will leave it to the other guys, who remained in Lindlah, to the tell story their own way.


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